Another Layoff?

Last August I left a stable sales job to join a start-up R & D company as a diesel technician. This new job offered a better environment and 50% more pay. I have always been told the only way to get ahead is to take risks, so I did.

Six weeks later, I was told I was no longer needed, and I shouldn’t be surprised because this company is a start-up.

Through a friend, I interviewed and found another job as a trainee machinist. I worked hard, and came home exhausted every single day. Once again, six weeks later, I was pulled into the office and told I was no longer needed due to a soft forging market.

I called my old boss back at my stable sales job, and was rehired.

About one year later, my former employer, the machine shop, called and said they had an opportunity for me. I interviewed and took the job. It paid 30% more, and was a better work environment than my sales job.

Yesterday, four months later, I was once again called into the office and told I was no longer needed. I cannot go back to my sales job as I have already quit once.

I feel like a total failure who cannot provide for my wife. I am ready to never take another risk in my life again as it is apparent that they do not pay off. Is this just visited on me? How many times am I going to be laid off in my life? Why bother trying to work, when I’ll just be let go soon?

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This post was submitted by Kevin.

3 Responses to “Another Layoff?”

  • Kevin Says:

    Interesting that another Kevin should be laid off at about the same time. I just went through my third lay off. I had found the company I wanted to stay with until retirement. Then, someone made a choice based on the bottom line. My identity, my way of taking care of my family, … all gone. But, it does not matter what life does with you. Only, what you do with life.

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  • Says:

    Sorry to hear man

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  • Zeeshan Says:

    Dude, you’re not a failure by any stretch but you displayed constant job hopping in very short periods of time. I was expecting to read after you landed the sales job again and when the machinist company called you back, that you’d flip them the birdie, but instead you went to someone that had previously let you go after only 6 weeks. Given the rash period of job changes between 3 companies, you should have stayed longer after getting your sales job before moving again.

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