Guess I live in the wrong country

After working for almost 17 years at a hospital I found out that “my job had been eliminated” and that would be my last day of typing neurology, cardiac, sleep studies and EKG’s. We had been out sourced, all of our transcription for the entire hospital (except the lab) and I am assuming all UHS hospitals out source to India! No notice at all and the day before Thanksgiving to boot. No heart, just a number on the budget reports, no hope you haven’t bought your son’s Christmas yet or hope you’ve already bought your food for a Thanksgiving dinner.. Nothing. Straight out of the scrooge movie. To rub salt into the wound the entire department had already been cut down to only being able to work 30 hours a week for months now so to make a full check you would have to take your PTO/Sick time to make your check. I am blessed enough to have a few Pto hours left but not many. I am supposed to receive 3 weeks severance pay but I bet they won’t even base that on 40 hours and of course they tax that too. I have to go sign all the paperwork on Monday (in 2 days) and will have to take out my 401K money and get hit with all those tax penalties so we have electricity for Christmas. No more health insurance and will have to pay the penality on that too I suppose. My son is on 2 monthly medications that I can’t afford without my prescription drug card. Needless to say I didn’t feel to much like celebrating on Thanksgiving yesterday. An American corporation putting their own people out of work and sending our work to India is really sad. Not only that all the work that they out sourced and is now being typed is riddled errors and blanks. There is a language barrier, they don’t know the difference between “too and two”. On a more serious note the reports they are typing are what doctors are looking at to base your treatment off of. Not even to mention God only knows what kind of personal information is being sent to India. But yet I have had to sign my life away for years with training and signing things etc about the rules of not breaking the HIPPA law. What a joke. When it was declared that all the medical field had to go to electronic medical records or be penalized on financial reimbursment was the first nail in the coffin. Now with all the United States companies trying to skirt providing and paying for a portion on health care insurance for employees, it has really put a lot of people out of work and has taken food off the table of Americans. I am ashamed of how our country is treating its own people. I am supposed to be able to get unemployment but the max is 20 weeks in my state and given the situation of how medical transciption is obsolete unless you live in another country, I don’t really know what to do. I’m 45 years old and this is what I’ve done for almost 17 years. Can’t find a job in my trade. My trade is no more. I’m scared, unemployed,divorced with a child, mortgage, no insurance, hardly any 401K will be left after all the penalties. God help my soul.

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  • lolo Says:

    Dear friend i am in tour situation, i hope your situation will get better, all o can advise is better your diet, work out and that will help you sleep at night and feel better. Make sure not to depress and stay on your bed. It will destroy you

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