Officer Down !

November 11 – 2011 got an interview for Security Officer Position at the old Hospital . interview went great and thought I had the job . got an ” no thanks later ” there is a Alaska Native Hire Preference here in Alaska . so in other words all other non natives get looked past even if qualified for the position . I was more than qualified for this position , very loyal , college graduate , don’t drink / party I am a father of four . fast forward few days later I got a call asking to go to HR ( I got the Job ) I think the high school drop out didn’t pass his drug test or something along those lines . so I was over joyed that I got the job and showed up for the first day of duty . fast forward a few years later . our new Hospital is finally built I get transferred over to the new place for a few weeks I was working nights 12a-8a M-F which were my regular hours days for my whole employment . so I would work solo in the new hospital often just me was in the big new building lol kinda creepy lol . any ways , everything was going great was making good pay every one I worked with ( night shift ER nurses ) liked me was really liking my job pretty easy even with the Drunks would come in but usually with PSO ( cops ) . I only had one write up from a bitchy ER nurse who has sense left THANK GOD ! full disclousure here I was caught resting for 10 min it was dead in the ER and I think a couple of my kids were sick being a single dad doing the kid thing and then going to work that night with very little rest in-between well let the weary and tired rest . apparently , a picture was taking of me resting that night / morning and the registration lady showed it to various people around work . so my supervisor at the time had talked to me about it and I admitted to it and told him why that happened . other that that I was trustworthy and very loyal to my employer. few weeks later , I work with another ” officer” and I say that loosely ! he NEVER showed up on time and ALWAYS Slept on the job and has been caught sleeping many many many times and was reported to at the time supervisor . nothing was ever done about his actions . so , I would often work alone and deal with everything going on in the ER often with him sleeping soundly some where else . I remember one time he came in to work 3 30 in the AM and we got off at 8am whats the point ? fast forward to I think September 2 2015 we were told by our new Supervisor and I also say that very loosely also . that the Security department is getting dissolved BUT we could be put in to Facilities Or another dept of our choosing . OR cut ties all together . I and another officer this was our only job ( besides me being a father ) so , during this meeting we were told many times that we would be transferred over and not to worry . yeah rite . I almos many times , told them I am staying and I would like to move in to Facilities department I said this verbally and in an e mail when I was asked when I would like to work and at what times I replied back same hours and days I am already working thank you . night time diff and my 28.50 per hour would equal sweet pay checks every 2 weeks plus holiday / overtime if any . bills were paid , food on the table life was good . jump ahead to September 27-28 I came in to work that night / morning for another 8 hours solo .I checked my e mail I got an e mail from HR . asking me that if I could meet with them 8 30 ( half hour after my shift ) so , I was thinking if they were going to give me the paper work and my sign that I am working in another department yada yada yada …. well I didn’t get that paper work I got the your no longer needed paperwork . I was surprised and shocked I calmly told the HR that well there was a meeting saying that we would be transferred over to so and so … and that I have kids / house . nothing was said . so you remember the guy who never showed up on time who sleeps the whole shift ect he ends up getting transferred over to Facilities which I am sorry but that is totally fucked up ! oh yeah he has a other job during the day time also . so , now I am struggling to make payments get food on my table ect . I am now working with a Human Rights firm here in Alaska and the steps are being done . I have put out numerous applications its been a couple months NO one has called back this is getting ridiculous ! ( remember Native Hire ) Thank you for listening I appreciate your input .

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  • Mark Hazelgrove Says:

    Good story. You should read the Hatchet Man’s Playbook. GREAT advice on how to keep your job.

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