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As the number of unemployed in 2009 reached new heights with seemingly no end in sight, layoffs became commonplace in the US during “The Great Recession.” 2010 has been shakey at best but layoffs are still happening in large numbers as the economy seems unable to show any type of consistency. This Website aims to capture and chronicle the stories of the people who have recently been “let go,” including the often despicable methods in which they were dispatched.

We encourage those of you who have recently been let go, canned, fired, sacked, made redundant or otherwise, to share your stories of how you were laid off and the reasons given. From the hilarious to the down right dirty, tell us your story and make those HR managers cringe. Pictures and videos are welcome.

All entries will be screened for excessive obscenities and inappropriate content. As we receive a high volume of postings you may experience a short lag time before your submission in posted; our apologies in advance.

Thank you in advance for sharing. To post your story click here.  By submitting your story you agree that HowIGotLaidOff.com has the right to republish your post and owns all content submitted.

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