Oct 5 2012

Husband was laid off today and I have been unemployed since March 2010

Today I write this through my tears and my fears. Its happening, my husband came through the front door an hour earlier than usual. I knew, I just knew. He said, “They laid me off today.” I know understand when people say my knees buckled. I have been unemployed for over a year and a half. My husbands paycheck was barely making ends meet. In fact he just came back home after living in another state because it was the only job he could get. He was laid off from his previous job. This morning my biggest worries were the usual ones. How I was going to stretch his paycheck to cover mortgage and put food on the table. This evening that has changed to how are we going to keep our home and I hope the neighbors aren’t home when they come to repo our cars. I have never seen my husband cry over anything..but today he broke down and said this wasn’t how I thought our life would be at 52 and 51. We did all the right things, got an education, worked hard and still I sit here broke. We have 3 children and 1 grandson and I am ashamed to tell them dad got laid off…again. Thanks for listening…

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This post was submitted by Carol.

Aug 12 2012

God’s way of telling me to work for minimum wage?

So I go into work today after walking on eggshells for the past few weeks, basically with the director telling me, “I am not threatening you or anything, but pull up your production numbers or you’re gone.” OK Then!!!

So the past few weeks I was not in the bottom of the production task list. The irritating thing Is I thought this was a better opportunity and left a position i was at for 8 years to start with this company. To top it off, I even got another car that was smaller and better on gas to handle the atrocious commute. So now I guess I have to sell the car!

As far as the title of the story, I have been in Real Estate and Title for the past 13 years. With the 3 times I have been laid off just dangling in my face, i think it’s gods way of saying to just work for minimum wage and try not to worry about it. But if you have kids and a mortgage, how do you pay for everything on minimum wage? Enough said.

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This post was submitted by Lauren Kaatz.

Jul 3 2012

A History of a Have Nots

I got laid off in 2008 from my last ‘real job’ because I worked for a real estate company and they closed shop. It’s been a string of temp jobs since – and nothing’s been promising. I always know when a meeting is gonna be my last by the prickly feeling I get between my shoulders – and the feeling is always right. Last temp job: I put sticky notes on the piles of papers I had to work on in the following week- instructions on where I was in each process – for no reason at all at the time. I left on a Friday and got an email that evening that I wasn’t needed anymore. The online job ads are phony and no one wants to bother to pick up a phone. I would even take contract work if it was straight from a company and not a temp recruiter. I’m not picky anymore – but my dream is permanency. It always has been.

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This post was submitted by JT Espinosa.

Jun 22 2012

got laid off because they knew I will move out

My name is Pamela. I just got laid off about a week ago. Here is the story….

My husband and I worked at the same firm in Mid West area. We worked in the different departments and stayed there for 5 years until my husband decided that there was no room to grow in this company. So, he applied a new job and got a job offer in another state, with a double salary and a better position.

After my husband quited the job, my ex-supervisor came to talk to me and asked me what was my plan and how long I would stay with the firm. I told him that I would have to quit the job in the fall because I have to stay to sell the house.

After 2 weeks my husband left the firm, I got laid off. On my last day, the ex-supervisor said about the reason why I got laid off. It is because the firm knew I am leaving them to join my husband. The firm did not consider or look at my working performance. Eventhough my evaluation is so excellent, with a high percentage of efficiency, sorry…it couldn’t safe me.

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This post was submitted by Pamela.

Mar 12 2012

Fired & Replaced by Neice of Boss’s Golf Buddy!

What do you do when an otherwise great boss blindsides you with the news that you are no longer an employee of his? Well I don’t know what others have done but me, I took the strong, silent route. Seriously. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather and I was sitting down when he told me. I don’t recall the exact words he used, but the tone of it was along the lines of, “Well you’ve been great to work with but you don’t have that much experience and well, we need someone who can take initiative here. So let’s just consider this your last day. Oh by the way, you owe me money for that dental cleaning you did on your own cat so we’ll just take it out of your last check.”

Let me backtrack a few steps: I’m a licensed Veterinary Technician who graduated in 2009. I got not one, but two new jobs at the same time. One was for my local humane society which, unfortunately did not have an opening for a vet tech. So I took an adoption counselor job, which I still have so obviously I’m doing something right. The other was a vet tech (part-time) at a small, and I mean hole-in-the-wall, vet clinic. It was a bit overwhelming between both jobs, learning new skills at two different positions. It’s tough enough starting one new job, let alone two.

Fired & Replaced by Neice of Boss's Golf Buddy!

Fired & Replaced by Neice of Boss's Golf Buddy!

I should’ve known it was going to be all kinds of bad at my vet tech job. When I first started I was told I’d only be given 3 days of training. I was given six WEEKS at the humane society, and that was only for a crappy adoption counselor job. Is there something wrong with this picture? About six weeks into my vet tech position I was pulled into the office by the doctor. He explained that he wanted to see me take more initiative. Apparently I had not been vocal enough about my desire to be trained and he wanted to see me just “jump right in”, as he put it. Never mind that this was my very first tech job and he and his employees weren’t exactly falling all over themselves trying to get me practical experience.

Fast forward five and a half months. I’d been slowly getting into the groove, trying to carve a niche for myself as a useful (albeit inexperienced) technician. I’d gotten used to the routine and though I still needed practice with a lot of things, I felt that over time I would get it bit by bit. Not so fast! One Friday afternoon (note that you should not let go employees on a Friday, when they now have all weekend to do nothing but scheme about ways to exact their revenge), I was called upstairs by the doctor. Uh-oh; by now I’ve learned it’s never a good sign that the doctor wants to speak privately. Guess I was right. I sat there as he told me I was being dismissed, hardly able to keep myself from bursting into tears. The only thing I could do was to agree with everything he said. He was right after all: I did need more training (and if his staff had been willing to do it we wouldn’t have needed to have that discussion). All I could think about as I left that day was the mountain of bills I’d been slowly chipping away at over the past few months, and how I’d surely be maxing out all my available avenues of credit yet again. Luckily I was still employed at the humane society so I had a bit of a safety net there.

Fast forward about a year. Right around the beginning of the summer I ran into one of my former workmates, a highly trained, experienced technician who, you guessed it, was let go from the same place I was. She informed me that as soon as I left, I was replaced with a person who knew the good doctor. How’s that for favoritism?

Fast forward (I know, AGAIN?) another two months and lo and behold, I meet the girl who took my job. WOW. How’s that for fate? She showed up at the adoption shelter where I work and when I saw her place of employment listed on her application she was only too happy to talk about it. Of course she had no clue I was pumping her for information. Turns out she is the niece of the good doctor’s golf buddy. She graduated at exactly the same time I did and spent the first year afterward down at Disney World. That’s right: DISNEY WORLD. She interned (translation- worked for free) at the vet hospital in Animal Kingdom. Here’s the best part – they didn’t even let her do anything technician related. She got to be an assistant, that’s it. So she had no more technical experience than me. In fact, I even had MORE because I’d actually been working as a tech for six months.

I guess now I don’t feel so bad but I still managed to lose out because after all, I am the one who got canned.

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