Oct 5 2012

Husband was laid off today and I have been unemployed since March 2010

Today I write this through my tears and my fears. Its happening, my husband came through the front door an hour earlier than usual. I knew, I just knew. He said, “They laid me off today.” I know understand when people say my knees buckled. I have been unemployed for over a year and a half. My husbands paycheck was barely making ends meet. In fact he just came back home after living in another state because it was the only job he could get. He was laid off from his previous job. This morning my biggest worries were the usual ones. How I was going to stretch his paycheck to cover mortgage and put food on the table. This evening that has changed to how are we going to keep our home and I hope the neighbors aren’t home when they come to repo our cars. I have never seen my husband cry over anything..but today he broke down and said this wasn’t how I thought our life would be at 52 and 51. We did all the right things, got an education, worked hard and still I sit here broke. We have 3 children and 1 grandson and I am ashamed to tell them dad got laid off…again. Thanks for listening…

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