Mar 25 2010

Laid Off Recruiter

I’ve known for over a year that I was getting laid off. Being a Recruiter in the Human Resources Department, you hear more and know more than you probably should. Defenitely more than the others, which is why you have to keep your mouth shut in HR.

My co-workers and I were the lucky crew who stuffed the severance packages for our employees while we hadn’t been officially informed of our own layoffs, only hearing about it from the business side.

Technically, I am still here. I have a week to go. I miss my ‘job’ because I haven’t hired anyone for a year.

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Jul 27 2009

So Long Technical Field (nice knowing you), Heading to the Garden

Welcome to month number 5.

So far I have had 6 temporary jobs, not bad, but now they are drying up.

I was removing and replacing fax machines for the USPS hired by an out of state temporary employment comapny called Modis.

Since my last assignment, of which all the USPS customers I installed the fax machines for, wanted to keep me to do troubleshooting on all thier terminals.

Sadly I told them I had to go, but Thank you for all the kind words and references.

For the last two months I have been reconstructing my Mom’s entire garden, this has inspired me to make a career change, UP YOURS technical career!

I still servcie computers, BUT the technical market right now smells like a dead skunk!

From what I am gathering, most electronic production employment establishments are getting a pool of “hire-ees” that they can choose from. (Pick-o-the-litter)

Well you firms, Boeing just laid off 1000 more worker’s into the unemployment game, sending the now rate of unemployment in Washington state to 9.5% or is it now 10%? Correct me on this.

So now I am looking at a creer change as a gardener, I just have a knack for this, but no direction to go in, if anyone has an inspirational I idea on this, I am open for suggestions.

Thank you.

I hope I can return the favor.

After all, were all in the same boat.

The unemployment cruise lines, come aboard for a week or 6 months, or until your unemp. benefits run out…

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