Jun 22 2011

My Christmas Present? Getting Laid Off!

I was out Christmas shopping with my husband and got a phone call not to go into work the next day.I have been going to school for being a counselor and have three kids and a husband and took off too bring my kids to a doctor’s appointment and to take a final . They told me I took to many days off to keep my job.My son broke his leg and my husband made more money then me . so I ask what would you have done. I guess i was punished for being a mom which is my first job before any other.

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This post was submitted by Jill.

Dec 14 2009

Double Whammy

My husband and I worked for the same company, he for almost 4 years and myself for almost 3. This past Wednesday, we were both laid off at the same time due to the economical downturn in the housing industry. With a 4 year old son, and Christmas knocking on the door, I am trying to find the sense in why this happened to us. We were fortunate enough to make it through past lay offs before, but what would make it acceptable to a company to put an entire family out of work and not try to hold on to at least one of them?? I wonder if anyone even lost any sleep at night knowing that they were about to choose my entire family’s fate, as I know I have every night so far. We were both told in the past that we were considered great assets to the company, but then learned all too quickly that we were not. I am hoping and praying that this will pass quickly and we will both be able to find jobs. Thank you very much to our former employer for a very Merry Christmas.

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