Jul 28 2009

After Being Demoted, Forced to Layoff My Staff

I was manager for a company. There were four managers and they decided to layoff some of the employees and therefore needed to reduce the number of managers.

My boss came in early, since he knew I started an hour early. He called a meeting with me 1/2 hour before normal start time. He told me I was being demoted, but it had nothing to do with my performance and therefore my pay was not going to affected other than the 5% reduction everyone was taking. He went on to say that a person from my group had been selected for lay off and that I would be getting a note from HR to deliver the bad news to the employee. I asked him how I can get demoted, have no say so in the decision and yet have to deliver the news to an employee who had been loyal to the company for 15 years. He said they felt it was better that the current supervisor deliver the bad news.

The sad part is that four of the employees he brought to the company in the last two years are still with the company and there were four people let go with several more years of dedicated service.

I have been with the company for 22 years and I have never seen anything like this occur. I feel terrible for the employees affected and I am trying to help them find another position anyway I can.

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