Mar 29 2011

On My Day Off…Laid Off

I was recently laid off…

Prior to getting laid off there were talks about possible layoffs. However the day before I was laid off everyone at the organization was basically assured that good news was coming and not to panic or worry.

The very next day my day off the person that does human resources calls me and asks me if I can come in she needed to talk to me. Which immediately gave me reasons for concern. All these things were running through my head, what is it? Why can’t it wait till the next day I come in? Is it a time sheet issue, no that doesn’t make sense it’s the middle of the week, middle of the pay period. So I knew something was up and it wasn’t good.

So I head in to work go to the HR’s person’s office and the news is delivered. I melted down right there in the office cried and I am not one to cry in front of people. I was shocked, I was told the day before things were looking up. The only question I was able to get out was will I qualify for unemployment, I was only part-time. The HR person told me yes. She tried to reassure me it had nothing to do with my performance. But that still doesn’t help much, it’s like if I am such a good worker why are you letting me go?

I worked with some really good people essp. those in my department I made good friends with them as well. I ran into one of my co-workers one I was friends with too, as I was walking out of the office and told her she was very supportive. Then my supervisor saw me and was like hey what are you doing here (like it’s your day off), when I told her she was like WHAT!? So they didn’t even forewarn her.

The next day I heard from another work friend it happened to her too and someone else.

I just don’t understand why they would say no one needs to panic, if they were planning to lay several people off the next day.
And since I was only part-time it was my only job despite effort to find either a 2nd job or a full-time job. I basically have no savings and am kinda scared right now. =/

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