Aug 12 2012

God’s way of telling me to work for minimum wage?

So I go into work today after walking on eggshells for the past few weeks, basically with the director telling me, “I am not threatening you or anything, but pull up your production numbers or you’re gone.” OK Then!!!

So the past few weeks I was not in the bottom of the production task list. The irritating thing Is I thought this was a better opportunity and left a position i was at for 8 years to start with this company. To top it off, I even got another car that was smaller and better on gas to handle the atrocious commute. So now I guess I have to sell the car!

As far as the title of the story, I have been in Real Estate and Title for the past 13 years. With the 3 times I have been laid off just dangling in my face, i think it’s gods way of saying to just work for minimum wage and try not to worry about it. But if you have kids and a mortgage, how do you pay for everything on minimum wage? Enough said.

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