Jul 24 2009

Spine Surgery, Then Fired by my Spineless Brother-In-Law

I left my job in March, 2008 on medical leave, to have 3 spine surgeries. 2 were the end of March and 1 was the middle of May. They totaled 20 hours in time, with 3 weeks in the hospital and 1 week in rehab. At the time that I left I also had an aircast on my foot to treat a broken heel, and a brace on my hand for a broken wrist, all brought on by a recently diagnosed case of Osteopeana. Yet, I still made it to the office every day.

My projected recovery time was 6 months, yet I informed my boss that I would be returning to work the beginning of September, despite a setback wth a micro fracture of the hip in July.

In August, as HE was boarding a plane with his family for a vacation, he called me and left me a voice mail on my cell, telling me not to return to the office and to find another line of work.

What makes this most unbearable is that I work for my wife’s family business, and my boss is my Brother in Law.

There are other issues surrouding this as well that we are dealing with at the current time, but this LIFETIME job of mine was anything but, as my incomprehensible and unwarrented firing triggered a chain of events that lead me to believe that he was just waiting to strike when I was my most vulnerable.

AT least I have the unwavering support of my wife and kids. Time to move on……

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