Aug 3 2009

Don’t burn bridges!

I once a had a job, and from the beginning, the boss didn’t care for me. Sometimes that happens. Eventually, he found an excuse to get rid of me, and did so. Two months later, i got a call from the owner of the business, and he asked me to come back and take the job of manager, as he had just fired the old manager, who apparenly had fired a few people he didn’t like for flimsy reasons.

I took the job, and few months later, guess who came back looking for a job? I walked out of my office, and when he saw me, he just got up and left. Moral of the story? Someday you might need help from that person you just fired. Treat everyone with respect and kindness, as you never know who might need a favor from later.

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This post was submitted by Joe Wallace.