Feb 26 2013

Ad/Mktg/Digital Media Expert: Laid Off Twice in 18 Months

It’s hard to believe that I find myself in this position again after being laid off just over a year and a half ago. I work in advertising/marketing with a focus on digital media. I’m at the senior level after being in this field for 19 years.

When I was laid off of my previous job, my boss connected me to the agency that just laid me off. I was hired to lead the digital strategy group which was quite a mess when I took it over. I managed to rally the team, create process and deliverables that our clients were ecstatic about! I grew the team and gained the confidence of my peers and the company leadership – so much so, that when my boss left, I got a promotion to take over for her and to manage the technology team as well.

Sounds great so far, right? Well, a few months back, our incompetent finance director said we were off forecast (in a great part due to her misrepresenting the financials). The partners wanted the management team to cut costs – we did. We also cranked up the sales effort – but to no avail.

A couple of months ago, my boss from my previous job came on board to the agency I was working at. I was happy to work with her again, but warned her of the problems that were going on (too long to mention here). Within the first couple of weeks, she told me how well regarded I was amongst the staff, partners and clients.

From the beginning of her time with the company, she was stuck in financial review meetings. The upshot was that we were missing the mark by over $1M and that there would be a staff reduction.

I was asked to provide guidance on who in my team to let go. There weren’t any good answers – everybody was necessary and excellent at what they do. I made a recommendation and left it with my boss and the partners.

Well imagine my surprise, when I come in the next week and they decide that I’m the one to go. Even though I was the first person to successfully run the digital side of the business. Even though everybody loved me and thought I was great at what I do. Even though nobody could make decisions there without consulting me for my input.

I asked my former boss later why I was let go – the answer, “I made too much.” What a crock of sh!t – Well I don’t make it now. Now I have to find another job to support my family. I know I can probably find another job – but to what end? So I can get laid off again?

There has got to be a better way than these stupid corporations who don’t know how to manage from day to day.

I hope to find it.

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