Jul 5 2011

Laid Off While On Vacation

I worked for the owner of a small company, a very difficult man, for over 12 years. He was very happy with my work but was having dire financial problems. We all kind of expected the doors to close at any time.

While I was on vacation at my nephew’s wedding, waiting for the ceremony to begin, my cell phone rang. It was my fiancĂ©, at home. He said, “You got an overnight letter from your company. Do you want me to open it and read it to you?” Expecting it to say the company was closing its doors, I said, “Yes, go ahead.”

So he read me a terse letter saying my position had been eliminated, the HR guy would help me collect my things, and thanking me for my years of service!

Needless to say I was majorly bummed out during my nephew’s wedding. My mother looked at me quizzically when I got my second gin & tonic at the reception (unusual for me). I didn’t want to spoil her beautiful day, so I kept the news to myself until later.

Just today I learned that the jerk won’t give me a letter of recommendation because it’s “against his policy.”

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Jun 22 2011

My Christmas Present? Getting Laid Off!

I was out Christmas shopping with my husband and got a phone call not to go into work the next day.I have been going to school for being a counselor and have three kids and a husband and took off too bring my kids to a doctor’s appointment and to take a final . They told me I took to many days off to keep my job.My son broke his leg and my husband made more money then me . so I ask what would you have done. I guess i was punished for being a mom which is my first job before any other.

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May 6 2011

Fired from TV Station, Now A Film Student!

It was 2008. In May, I left my job at my hometown television station as my wife and I left for “greener pastures” in the next state. A more tolerable schedule and pay scale.

While there were disappointments regarding the work environment, and it was a bad year for local TV overall, I felt secure, even when the salary freezes were announced. I was a hard worker, dependable, turned out my assignments quickly and satisfied clients; plus, the company had just invested in a four-day trip to a major city for training.

Six months to the day after being hired, my company had its annual “Thanksgiving lunch.” After I’d just finished my dessert, I got a call from the general manager, asking to stop by his office. Oblivious, I tried to figure out what he wanted. I still didn’t get it when the HR director was there when I showed up. I thought it might be a disciplinary thing, but couldn’t understand what I could have done wrong.

And that’s when it started. “Hardest part of my job … I hold myself responsible …”

What was I going to tell my wife, who I’d moved down to start a new life? How would we pay our bills? Would I ever realize my dreams of film school and filmmaking?

This story might have a happy ending, though. I’m in film school now, making my thesis feature, and it was inspired by my layoff and nine months of unemployment. You can learn more about it at the webpage I listed. I hope you will stop by.

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Mar 29 2011

On My Day Off…Laid Off

I was recently laid off…

Prior to getting laid off there were talks about possible layoffs. However the day before I was laid off everyone at the organization was basically assured that good news was coming and not to panic or worry.

The very next day my day off the person that does human resources calls me and asks me if I can come in she needed to talk to me. Which immediately gave me reasons for concern. All these things were running through my head, what is it? Why can’t it wait till the next day I come in? Is it a time sheet issue, no that doesn’t make sense it’s the middle of the week, middle of the pay period. So I knew something was up and it wasn’t good.

So I head in to work go to the HR’s person’s office and the news is delivered. I melted down right there in the office cried and I am not one to cry in front of people. I was shocked, I was told the day before things were looking up. The only question I was able to get out was will I qualify for unemployment, I was only part-time. The HR person told me yes. She tried to reassure me it had nothing to do with my performance. But that still doesn’t help much, it’s like if I am such a good worker why are you letting me go?

I worked with some really good people essp. those in my department I made good friends with them as well. I ran into one of my co-workers one I was friends with too, as I was walking out of the office and told her she was very supportive. Then my supervisor saw me and was like hey what are you doing here (like it’s your day off), when I told her she was like WHAT!? So they didn’t even forewarn her.

The next day I heard from another work friend it happened to her too and someone else.

I just don’t understand why they would say no one needs to panic, if they were planning to lay several people off the next day.
And since I was only part-time it was my only job despite effort to find either a 2nd job or a full-time job. I basically have no savings and am kinda scared right now. =/

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Mar 2 2011

Fired at Home In Front of My Baby…

I was executive management. I knew lay offs were being discussed as a possibility, so I asked the CEO and President of the Board if my job was in jeopardy. I was told “No, you’re too important” and “don’t worry about it.” I asked about my staff and was told my department was too small to lose anyone. A month later, I had a budget meeting and was told that there was no place in our budget to make additional cuts (I cut every expense I could without cutting people).

The employees were told that they had to vote for an enhanced retirement package, and that if that package passed, there would be no layoffs. The last day of the vote, once everyone had voted and the package passed, layoffs happened.

That day, I took a lunch break (I normally worked through lunch which gave me 12 hour work days), but my husband had a doctor’s appointment, so I went home to watch our baby. I had just nursed the baby when the doorbell rang. I put the baby down and checked the peephole. It was the HR Director, and the HR manager and the Director was holding an envelope. (wow, my heart is pounding as I type this). I opened the door. My baby was literally crawling at my feet. The HR Director handed me the envelope and told me I was being let go.

“What did I do wrong?” I asked. I swear, I could hear my blood pounding in my ears.

“Nothing, it’s all in the letter.” was all he would say. I kept asking if it was something I did, and he just kept referring to the letter.

I opened it and scanned the letter, but it was all hazy. I was told that I was not to come back to work. I asked if I could pick up my things, and was told yes.

When my husband got home shortly after, (he was at a pre-surgery check as he was having a pacemaker put in next week), I went to work and packed up my office. I had a lot of stuff. Management books, binders of information that belonged to me, some personal items. It was humiliating. No one in my department said a word to me.

I later found out that everyone else had been called into the CEO’s office in one group and laid off all together–even the other executive managers who were let go. I think being laid off in your own home is worse–especially when your baby is crawling at your feet and your husband is about to have an expensive surgery.

The worst part is having to suck up still so I keep a good reference while I look for work. It also sucks that although I was executive management, I didn’t make a lot of money (less than six figures even with benefits)–and I live in an expensive part of the country (2 bdrm home is $400k).

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