Oct 21 2009

So much bias

Well, where do i begin…when you think and are made to think that your are safe, YOU ARE NOT! that is what happened to me at a well known law firm that does personnal injury. I gave them my all, sometimes staying late and coming in on holidays. The girls there were very contradicting and gossipers. I was the total opposite. They talked about everyone in the building, but themselves, as if they were a gift to that lawfirm. They were engulfed in their work and expected that from everyone else. The job was full of stress and deadlines, but i liked the suspense, the manager and I got along well, so i thought i was safe. Little did I know that one of the girls had enough power to get me fired. One month before I got fired, they were purposely finding things to accuse me with, that had no merit, but careless me went ahead and signed a lease to a new house TWO weeks before those heartless people threw me out, mind you they knew I just signed a lease so that my son and I can get out of my mothers tight home.

Don’t ever get comfortable in a place and always keep your resume up to date because people never warn you, and they don’t care.

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